Things To Look Out For While Buying A Garage Door Opener

One of the home improvement items that are not being given much thought to by many people is the garage door opener. They only think about it when they need one. Almost the whole garage door openers perform the same functions, but all of them are not created the same. Whether the current one you have is broken or you are about to finish your new house, the wide options of garage door openers in the market might surprise you.

There are the belt-drive, chain-drive, ultra-quiet, and screw-drive models, and there are also some options that are compatible with WiFi. There are still some modern smart openers that enable the user to control the system wherever he/she is. We have made some vital researches and have come up with some of the best door openers that are available in the market and also things to look out for while buying one for your home.

Things to consider while buying a garage door opener

  • The type of drive

There are many ways in which the garage door openers function. The belt-drive garage door operates quietly and smoothly and also makes use of a belt. The direct-drive openers usually work as one unit, whereby the door is lifted by the entire contraption. This drive is the smoothest and quietest mechanisms currently in the market. For the chain-drive model, a strong metal chain is used to raise and lower the doors. This model can handle weightier doors and are not expensive, but it is very loud. Finally, there is the screw-drive opener which makes use of a steel threaded rod to lift the doors. This model requires just a little maintenance and is quiet.

  • Horsepower

Another thing to put into consideration while buying a garage door opener is the horsepower. Typically in new homes, most doors can work with ½ horsepower. But if your wood door is heavier and solid, then choosing ¾ horsepower would be a better idea so that it can be easily lifted. For special or commercial situations, the best option can be 1 ½ and 1 horsepower, model.

  • Security

It was from the year 1993 that it was required for every garage door opener to special reversing mechanisms so that the door will not close when a car, child, or pet is on the way. Looking at it from the perspective of more security features what you buy is the same thing you will get. If you are more concerned about safety, then it would be advisable for you to choose a garage door opener that can change its access code immediately after every single use so that there would be no break-in.

Some of the best garage doors in the market

There are so many good openers available, but we are going to mention a few of them based on research.

Below is a list of some of the best garage door openers that you may decide to choose from.

  • Chamberlain Bright LED
  • BeamUp Workhorse
  • Genie SilentMax
  • Chamberlain Belt-Drive
  • Genie MachForce
  • Craftsman Chain-Drive
  • Chamberlain Secure-View
  • SkyLink Atoms
  • Lift Master Elite Series
  • Sommer Direct-Drive

If you are building a new house, then you should consider the above-mentioned things and enjoy your new home with more security.

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