Diy Steps For Garage Door Installation

Almost the whole companies that are into the sales of garage doors usually offer complete service, including the removal of old doors, installation of new ones, and delivery. Because of how garage doors are mildly complicated, large, and heavy, most buyers usually utilize the opportunity to use the services that the company offers. But, if you are skilled at performing DIY (Do It Yourself) tasks, then you can take the advantage to save yourself some money by engaging in the satisfactory task of installing your new garage door all by yourself.

Before we proceed, it will be important for you to know that you are not supposed to remove or adjust any garage door with a torsion-spring mechanism that is standard. The reason is that they are under extremely high tension, making them dangerous. You should rather call a professional installer to do the job for you.

In this article, we are going to guide you through installing a garage door (sectional). But always make sure that you strictly adhere to the instructions of the manufacturer.

Steps for a garage door installation

  1. The first thing to be done is to attach weatherstripping to the bottom-edge side of the 1st panel of the garage door. After this step, the panel should be set in your doorway, and then the nails partway should be driven at one angle into every single jamb to make it fix in place. This helps the door to wedge in place. The hinges are also to be attached to the door’s top edge if they are not yet attached.
  2. Secondly, following the instructions of the manufacturer, the different pieces should be assembled for the horizontal, vertical, and curved tracks.
  3. All necessary brackets, including the rollers, should be installed on a jamb-or-wall mounted bracket and the section of your garage door, following the directions from the manufacturer. Slip the door’s vertical track at a doorway side onto the 1st door section rollers. Repeat the same step on the second side.
  4. The rollers should be installed in the 2nd section. Get a helper to set it well by lifting the section. After it has been properly set, the rollers should be slipped into your door’s vertical tracks at the 2 sides of your doorway.
  5. Each hinge of the 1st section should be fastened to the 2nd one. To make this easier and faster, you can make use of a nut driver or screwdriver tip with a drill.
  6. The installation of the 3rd section is next, making use of the same steps. For plumb, check the vertical track, and for level, the door. The two vertical tacks’ top plates should be fastened to a wall.
  7. The tracks should have the brackets of the jamb attached to them, and then fastened to the entire framing members.
  8. The next thing for you to do is to install the horizontal and curved tracks. Bolt the whole piece together.
  9. Check for level through the installed horizontal track.

With this guide, you can be on your way to install your garage door without paying a dime. If you feel that you may not do it well, then you should look for a professional to be on the safer side.